RESET Caribbean Foundation is a not-for-profit business support organization for micro, small and medium businesses, community based organizations and social enterprises in the Caribbean. We function uniquely in the region as an internationally integrated, civil-led vehicle for the nurturing of strong enterprise leaders who are community conscious and self-help focused.


Our leadership has assembled a team of experts from local, regional and international communities with diverse backgrounds such as agricultural innovation, banking and financing, monitoring and evaluation, business management and consulting, technology services, creative sector innovation and youth empowerment.


RESET's team members all share the core belief that - once ordinary citizens experience the quality of support that they need to create solutions which serve our communities, our societies will flourish.

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Success Stories

A Partner in Small Business Development


Jamaican Collette Campbell, through her RESET Caribbean Foundation, is providing critical support to the country’s small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.


The move involves partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, in keeping with the Government’s focus on strengthening the capacity of the SME sector to contribute to the growth of the economy.




RESET Lanuches its New E-Learning System


The first of it's kind in Jamaica, RESET's E-Learning system will give enterprenuers the opportunity to learn and develop real world businesss skills.


The President of CVSS United Way Jamaica, Mr. Hendrickson congratulated RESET on this great accomplishment, at the ribbon cutting ceremony in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Mr. Hendrickson was accompained by The Ambassador of Japan Mr. Nakano and Minister Samuda during the celebration of this milestone.

"RESET Offers a Complete Porfolio of Services to Ensure Entreprenureal Success" said Ms. Campbell, the Founder and Executive Chairman of RESET Caribbean Foundation, as she joined the rest of her team, entreprenuers and partners inclucing Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS) in the celebrations on May 26th, at the lauch ceremony of RESET's E- Learning system.