How to Make Money Online from/in Jamaica


Course Outline



Module1: Introduction to Ecommerce

  • What is ecommerce?

  • Online business models: drop shipping, preselling, fulfilment, etc.

  • Seller modules (multi-vendor et. al)

  • Case Study-Amazon

  • Product ideas and development

  • Marketing options


Module 2: Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing?

  • What is required?

  • Cost benefits

  • Advantages

  • Case studies


Module 3: Influencer Marketing: Becoming a social star

  • Finding your niche

  • Self-branding

  • Social media mastery 

  • Monetizing


Module 4: Blogging 101

  • Why blog

  • Common Platforms

  • Content Creation

  • Monetizing

  • Building your own


Module 5: E-gigs

  • Selling your services

  • Where to sell your services (Fiver, Uber et. al)

  • How to sell your services (marketing)


Module 6: Amazon for dummies

  • Selling on Amazon from Jamaica

  • Choosing a niche

  • Beating the Competition

  • EBooks and kindle publishing

  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate


Course Duration: 4 weeks/ 24 hours

Location: RESET HQ, 26 East Street Kingston


Tuition/Cost: $40,000

Welcome to the age of the gig economy--where temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace as entrepreneurs, small businesses, big companies and corporations are increasingly outsourcing services and functions to independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time workers who rarely change careers. Are you ready for it?

How about being able to work from home, being your own boss and working at your own pace? How about earning US dollar income from right here in Jamaica? Does that excite you? If yes, then look no further than the RESET Make Money Online from/in Jamaica course for the knowledge and techniques to do just that.

For four weeks, six hours per week, we will outline the most credible and effective methods of earning an income from the convenience of any internet enabled device. Interested? See course outline and sign up below.

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Classes begin November 27 through December 23rd, 2017

5:30 to 8:30 PM Weekdays

10 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays