Success in entrepreneurial ventures is a combination of several factors including leadership, vision, strategy, innovation, execution and access to capital. Although helpful to some extent, when used alone none of these key elements listed above can deliver the results that are needed to reach the level of success most entrepreneurs desire.

In addition, several external stakeholders such as government, financial institutions, investment partners, the educational system and local and international support organizations have to be in alignment in order to create a suitable environment for entrepreneurial success, which is the most powerful tool for sustainable economic development.

Instead of using the top down approach which has not delivered any meaningful results in developing countries, our new and unique model for economic development starts with the entrepreneur in the middle as the primary driver of economic value creation. We support the entrepreneurs with a wide range of services, giving them access to education, technology, consulting, marketing, sales and logistics expertise and the necessary growth capital for capacity building and business expansion. We then go to work on building bridges and creating alignment between government agencies, financial institutions, donors, international partners, academic institutions and investors.

It is this comprehensive approach to economic development and entrepreneurial success that allows us to deliver unmatched value for micro, small and medium enterprises, while simultaneously supporting the local governments, financial institutions, investment partners and international trade and economic support organizations. 

It is a true win-win approach and it all started with us pressing the RESET button on the traditional model we knew was not working for the ones who actually needed the most help....the small business owners, innovators and entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about the comprehesive porfolio of support services offered by RESET, please click on any of the RESET buttons above and don't forget to check out why we feel that you, as the entrepreneur, must be at the center of it all.