Our Mission

At RESET, our mission is to break away from business as usual and restore entrepreneurial success through education and technology (RESET), one community at a time. We develop sustainable and inclusive models for improving the viability of small enterprises. Through collaboration, we build bridges between communities, private sector, development agencies, governments, and academia. We believe that economically inclusive societies comprised of ordinary, yet highly motivated and enterprising citizens, are the answer to global challenges of poverty, unemployment and preservation of the environment.


We srtive to:

  1. Promote sustainable enterprises with equal regard for the value of social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.

  2. Establish and maintain a comprehensive education and training network for micro and small enterprises.  

  3. Provide consulting, coaching, funding, technology and other business services that facilitate the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises. 

  4. Reduce fragmentation and create collaborative enviornmnent betweeen businesses and communities to support sustaiable growth.

  5. Empower individuals, businesses and communities to break the cycle of poverty by using their own talents, resources, skills and motivation. 


We are accomplishing this by first facilitating psychological and behavioural changes and by providing the education, training and technology with the end goal to integrate informal enterprises into the formal economic system, where people, communities, countries and regions feel empowered to control their own economic future, rather than hoping for or relying on help from the outside.