Ongoing Projects and Activities

The RESET Foundation Team has been involved in several projects and activities since its existence, ranging from all-island workshops and trainings to partnering with different schools, communities and organizations in carrying out activities such as tree planting, entrepreneurship seminars, along with the numerous projects they aspire to take on as they build and grow together.
SME Workshop Series

These workshops are expected to increase participants’ awareness of business opportunities and support services and empower them to be able to start and manage their own businesses, and build networks leading to collaborative community development projects. It entails an intense 2-day enterprise development and technology course which will help participants to fully appreciate how to master success. They will recognize that there is no shortcut; that they must develop well thought-out, viable business plans and be prepared to work hard and persistently towards their goals.

This is all part of a 5-year (2014-2019) action plan for Jamaica's micro and small enterprise ecosystem, designed to transform “hustler” activities into successful formal enterprises supported by the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Capacity Building at Industry level

One of the projects of the RESET Foundation team is that of identifying local groups or communities who can play a key role in increasing the overall output of certain products and industries that are a natural assets to the local regions. A great example of this is Jamaican Honey that is high in demand but the industry suffers from low capacity and supply levels. To address this issue, we are introducing people to the prospects of becoming successful beekeepers, and then offering them specific training and providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge in the management and operation of the business.

Tree Planting and Rain Water Harvesting Project

With consistent water issues being faced by the local farmers, particularly in the parish of St Elizabeth which is regarded as the "food basket of Jamaica", it is the aim of RESET Caribbean Foundation to educate the farmers on ways to combat this problem, as well as to aid them in embarking on different projects that will create solutions while earning an income for themselves and the wider community alike.

This has been brought forward through workshops and meetings with the farmers, which is to be followed up with additional training, proposals, seeking funding, and getting everyone involved - schools, churches, businesses, etc.

Alternative Energy

RESET is actively working on finding ways for its enterprenuers to use reneable alternative energy to not only lower their overall cost of operations but also help improve the global climate.


We believe in developing and growing businesses in a sustainable way and the use of alternative energy sources such as solar power are a major part of our overall strategy.